All products sold are intended for personal use only. They are not for copying, printing, marketing use in any way, including but not limited to: retail sales.

I, the seller, am not responsible for damages to product during the shipping process.

Any purchases of items marked "R-18" or "Adult" due to the nature of their explicit content, are assumed to be sold to an individual aged 18 or above. Minors exposed to the explicit material of these purchased items is the purchaser's responsibility.

Any products that feature characters or designs from existing material (including but not limited to: anime, manga, video games, television series, movies, books), I do not claim copyright for the content the artwork features. I claim copyright for the art itself, and I myself, have taken the time to produce said artwork. If an entity finds it offensive or inappropriate, they need only contact me at email ( with a request to take down the product for sale.

Any and all products featuring my own original characters, I retain copyright to my own content featuring them. All products featuring my own original characters will be noted as such, featuring an original character.

As an attempt to stop art theft via tracing and blatant copying, will all product images feature a watermark. Please and thank you for your attempt to keep art creative and fluid by not stealing from myself and other artists.